Acropyga fuhrmanni (Forel 1914)

Formicinae, Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

worker face view

worker lateral view
worker mandible

Additional images: male genitalia, dorsal, lateral, ventral.


This species has a very wide range from Central America (recorded as far north as Costa Rica) south throughout tropical South America. Costa Rica: Atlantic slope from sea level to 800m.


Basal tooth of mandible not enlarged, roughly triangular in shape; head width greater than 0.4mm; antennae with 8 segments; mandible with 4 equally sized teeth; a short diastema separates basal tooth from other teeth.

Natural History

This species inhabits wet forest habitats. It is most often encountered by looking under stones or by sifting leaf litter from the forest floor (Winkler samples). An alate queen was collected at La Selva Biological Station on 2 November 1994.

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