Adelomyrmex laevigatus Mackay 2003

Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

= Adelomyrmex JTL-002

worker lateral view
worker dorsal view

worker face view

worker lateral view

worker face view

Additional SEM images of worker: anterior view of clypeus (small, large), mandible (small, large), second view of mandible (small, large), lateral view of head (small, large), lateral view of lower head, showing median hypostomal tooth (small, large), dorsal view of mesosoma (small, large).


Costa Rica, Panama (type locality) (Fernandez and MacKay 2003, Fernandez 2003). Costa Rica: montane wet forests to cloud forest, Cordilleras of Guanacaste, Tilaran, Talamanca. In Monteverde area, in moist forest of community area and in wet forest around Casa Eladio, at 800m in the Penas Blancas Valley. Also known from Cerro Cacao, and Fila Cruces near San Vito.


Dorsum of mesosoma largely smooth; hypostomal tooth stout, in the form of an acute to blunt tooth; postpetiole broadly rounded posteriorly, not projecting over gaster; propodeal spines relatively elongate and narrowly acute; lateral portions of face (antennal scrobes) with confluent rugae and foveae, without smooth and shining interspaces; eyes composed of about 7 facets; dorsal pilosity moderately long and dense; color dark brown; WL=0.67mm (n=1).

Natural History

Inhabits forest floor litter. Known only from Winkler and Berlese samples.

Literature Cited

Fernández C., F. 2003. Revision of the myrmicine ants of the Adelomyrmex genus-group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Zootaxa 361: 1–52.

Fernández C., F., MacKay, W.P. 2003. The myrmicine ants of the Adelomyrmex laevigatus species complex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Sociobiology 41:593–604.

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