Adelomyrmex myops (Wheeler 1910)

Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

worker lateral view
worker dorsal view

worker face view

worker lateral view

worker face view

Additional SEM images of worker: view of lower face and clypeus (small, large), lateral view of head (small, large), mandible (small, large), dorsal view of mesosoma (small, large). lateral view of petiole and postpetiole (small, large),


Mexico to Colombia (Fernandez 2003). Costa Rica: rainforests of Atlantic and southern Pacific lowlands.


Reticulate rugose sculpture on face and mesosoma; eye composed of about 7 facets; propodeal suture step-like, with a distinct drop from promesonotum to dorsal face of propodeum; WL=0.61mm (n=1).

Natural History

Inhabits forest floor litter. Known from Winkler and Berlese samples. Mann (1922) observed small nests beneath stones in Honduras.

Type Data

Apsychomyrmex myops Wheeler 1910:261. Holotype (unique syntype) worker: Guatemala, Livingston (Schwarz and Barber) [USNM] (examined).

Literature Cited

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