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Azteca species known from Costa Rica

Azteca alfari  Emery 1893

Azteca beltii  Emery 1893

Azteca brevis  Forel 1899

Azteca chartifex  Forel 1896

Azteca coeruleipennis  Emery 1893

Azteca constructor  Emery 1896

Azteca flavigaster  Longino 2007

Azteca forelii  Emery 1893

Azteca gnava  Forel 1906

Azteca instabilis  (F. Smith 1862)

Azteca longiceps  Emery 1893

Azteca nanogyna  Longino 2007

Azteca nigra  Forel 1912

Azteca nigricans  Forel 1899

Azteca oecocordia  Longino 2007

Azteca ovaticeps  Forel 1904

Azteca pilosula  Forel 1899

Azteca pittieri  Forel 1899

Azteca quadraticeps  Longino 2007

Azteca schimperi  Emery 1893

Azteca sericeasur  Longino 2007

Azteca tonduzi  Forel 1899

Azteca velox  Forel 1899

Azteca xanthochroa  (Roger 1863)

Other species

Azteca trigona  Emery 1893

PDF's of Longino taxonomic publications on Azteca:

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Longino, J. T. 1991a. Azteca ants in Cecropia trees: taxonomy, colony structure, and behavior. Pages 271-288 in C. Huxley and D. Cutler, editors. Ant-Plant Interactions. Oxford University Press, Oxford. (PDF)

Longino, J. T. 1991b. Taxonomy of the Cecropia-inhabiting Azteca ants. Journal of Natural History 25:1571-1602. (PDF)

Longino, J. T. 1996. Taxonomic characterization of some live-stem inhabiting Azteca (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Costa Rica, with special reference to the ants of Cordia (Boraginaceae) and Triplaris (Polygonaceae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 5:131-156. (PDF)

Longino, J. T. 2007. A taxonomic review of the genus Azteca (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Costa Rica and a global revision of the aurita group. Zootaxa. [ask for PDF]

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