Hypoponera JTL-016 Longino ms

Ponerinae, Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

worker face view

worker lateral view

Additional images: worker petiole (small, large).


Costa Rica: Atlantic slope of Cordillera de Tilar‡n at 800m.


Oculo-mandibular distance about 0.13mm; color light brown; dorsal face of propodeum depressed below promesonotum; petiolar node relatively thick and with dorsum somewhat flat-topped. Measurement data.

Natural History

I know this species from one collection from Refugio Eladio in the upper Pe–as Blancas Valley. I was excavating into a clay bank at the edge of a large stream and found workers scattered in fissures deep in the bank.

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