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Key to Lachnomyrmex species known from Costa Rica

10a. Gaster with long flexuous setae at least on anterior third, usually over entire surface: 20

10b. Gaster devoid of erect setae: 30

20a. Weber's length around 0.7mm; metanotal groove not impressed: scrobiculatus

20b. Weber's length about 1.0mm; metanotal groove impressed; erect setae very dense and relatively shorter on first gastral tergum: laticeps

20c. Weber's length about 1.0mm; metanotal groove impressed; erect setae relatively sparser and longer on first gastral tergum: grandis

30a. Dorsum of postpetiole irregularly rugose, without a raised triangular boss medially, and with more than 10 evenly distributed erect setae; dorsum of mesosoma with irregular short rugae: longinoi

30b. Dorsum of postpetiole with a raised, subtriangular boss medially, and with a single row of about 6 long flexuous setae along anterior margin; dorsum of mesosoma with rugae organized into somewhat continuous wavy rugae, transverse on anterior pronotum, grading to longitudinal on rest of promesonotum: 40

40a. Cephalic dorsum with dense, subparallel rugae; compound eyes relatively large (eye length greater than 0.15mm), with about 10 facets at maximum diameter; mesosoma length (WL) greater than or equal to 0.85mm; dorsum of postpetiole entirely smooth and shining; gaster much darker than the rest of body: regularis

40b. Cephalic dorsum with rather sparser, vermiculate rugae; compound eyes smaller (eye length less than or equal to 0.15mm), with about 7 facets at maximum diameter; mesosoma length (WL) less than 0.85mm; dorsum of postpetiole with short and weak rugulation laterally; gaster slightly darker than the rest of body: haskinsi

Queens: (the queens of laticeps and regularis are unknown)

10a. Weber's length about 1.3mm: grandis

10b. Weber's length less than 1mm: 20

20a. First gastral tergum uniformly covered with long flexuous setae: scrobiculatus

20b. First gastral tergum with erect setae sparse to absent on posterior half: 30

30a. First gastral tergum with about 50 long erect setae on anterior half; postpetiole dorsum irregularly rugose, without raised subtriangular boss medially: longinoi

30b. First gastral tergum with about 10 long erect setae, in an anterior band near the postpetiolar insertion; postpetiole dorsum with a raised subtriangular boss medially: haskinsi

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