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Leptanilloides of Costa Rica

The Neotropical subfamily Leptanilloidinae is a member of the doryline section of ant subfamilies, which contains the army ants and relatives (Bolton 1990a,b; Baroni Urbani et al. 1992, Brandao et al. 1999, Longino 2003, Donoso et al. 2006). Eleven species in two genera have been described, all but one based on a single type or type series (Donoso et al. found two colonies of one of their new species). Seven species of Leptanilloides are distributed along the Andes from Colombia to Bolivia. The fifth species is from Costa Rica. One of the three species of Asphinctanilloides is from the state of Sao Paulo in southeastern Brazil and the other two are from one region in the Amazon basin near Manaus.

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