Leptogenys JEL-for Lattke ms.

Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

worker lateral view

worker face view

Image of petiole.


Costa Rica to northwestern Colombia. Costa Rica: Monteverde.


Cephalic dorsum with fine striae anterad to dense areolae posterad; eye laterally placed on head; median clypeal process broadly triangular, apically with 2-3 stout setae; prothorax smaller in size than rest of mesosoma; procoxa mostly smooth in lateral view with series of punctae along longitudinal axis of coxa.

Worker metrics (n=4). HL (1,45-1,65); HW (1,01-1,15); ML (0,78-0,91); EL (0,27-0,34); SL (1,79-1,85); WL (2,39-2,63) mm. CI (0,68-0,70); MI (0,75-0,83); OI (0,27-0,29); (1,62-1,77).

Natural History

One specimen from Panama was taken from litter berlesate, and another specimen from Chocó, Colombia was taken in mangrove and secondary forest, in a malaise trap. Longino collected a worker on a road through a pasture.


Colombian specimens have a slightly smaller HL, though with such few specimens at hand this could not be called a trend.

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