Leptogenys JEL-sul Lattke ms.

Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia


Costa Rica: Atlantic lowlands.


Head subquadrate in frontal view, widest at cephalic mid-length; length of compound eye under one fourth length of lateral cephalic margin, eye placed laterally on head; mesosomal dorsum shining with abundant foveolae, each with a bried sulcus that extends posterad. Longitudinal sulci present on mesonotum and propodeal dorsum, radiating medially on pronotal discal area; petiolar node shaped as anteriorly inclined rectangle in lateral view.

Worker metrics (n=4). HL (1,11-1,14); HW (0,83-0,86); ML (0,58-0,61); EL (0,13-0,15); SL (1,01-1,01); WL (1,67-1,75) mm. CI (0,75-0,76); MI (0,68-0,73); OI (0,15-0,18); SI (1,18-1,21).

Natural History

The only specimens were taken from sifted litter containing leaf mold and rotten wood collected in a lowland forest.


The sulci on the mesosomal dorsum are unique amongst the New World species, making it quite easy to determine.

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