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Leptogenys species known from Costa Rica

Leptogenys famelica Emery 1896

Leptogenys imperatrix Mann 1922

Leptogenys josephi MacKay and MacKay 2004

Leptogenys pubiceps complex

Leptogenys punctaticeps Emery 1890

Leptogenys pusilla (Emery 1890)

Leptogenys JEL-for Lattke ms.

Leptogenys JEL-pin Lattke ms.

Leptogenys JEL-qua Lattke ms.

Leptogenys JEL-sul Lattke ms.

Leptogenys JTL-001 Longino ms.

Leptogenys JTL-004 Longino ms.

Leptogenys JTL-007 Longino ms.

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