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Paratrechina species known from Costa Rica

Paratrechina austroccidua Trager 1984

Paratrechina caeciliae (Forel 1899)

Paratrechina guatemalensis (Forel 1885)

Paratrechina JTL-001 Longino ms

Paratrechina JTL-006 Longino ms

Paratrechina JTL-007 Longino ms

Paratrechina JTL-010 Longino ms

Paratrechina JTL-013 Longino ms

Paratrechina JTL-014 Longino ms

Paratrechina longicornis (Latreille 1802)

Paratrechina steinheili (Forel 1893)

Kempf's 1972 catalogue listed the following species with ranges that included Costa Rica (* = Costa Rica is type locality):
caeciliae* (Forel 1899)
caeciliae elevata* (Forel 1908)
fulva (Mayr 1862)
fulva biolleyi* (Forel 1908)
fulva incisa* (Forel 1908)
fulva longiscapa* (Forel 1908)
guatemalensis cocoensis* (Forel 1902)
lietzi* (Forel 1908)
steinheili (Forel 1893)

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