Stenamma JTL-011 Longino ms

Myrmicinae, Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

worker face view

worker lateral view

Additional images: worker clypeus (large, small).


Panama, Costa Rica. Costa Rica: Atlantic slope wet forest, sea level to 1100m.


Basal margin of mandible flat, without a notch; anterior margin of clypeus with broad rectangular notch, about as broad as anterior projections of frontal lobes, outer edges of notch forming angular teeth; center of notch with variable development of two medial teeth, such that with outer edges of notch anterior clypeal margin appears to have four evenly-spaced teeth; face and mesosoma uniformly foveate; propodeum with distinct angle or small tooth separating dorsal and posterior faces; WL greater than 1mm.

Similar species: Stenamma JTL-012.

Natural History

This species inhabits mature wet forest and is known almost exclusively from Winkler samples of sifted leaf litter from the forest floor. It shows a very narrow elevational preference. On the Project ALAS sampling of the Barva Transect, it was one of the most common litter species at the 1070m site. At the 500m site it occurred in only one of 250 miniWinkler samples, and it did not occur at all at the 2000m site. I have also collected it at 1000m in the Peľas Blancas Valley, and at around 500m near Turrialba and in Hitoy Cerere Biological Reserve.


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