Stenamma JTL-015 Longino ms

Myrmicinae, Formicidae, Hymenoptera, Insecta, Arthropoda, Animalia

worker face view

worker lateral view


Costa Rica: Cordillera de Tilaran and Cordillera Volcanica Central at 1000m.


Basal margin of mandible flat, without a notch; face with irregular rugae anteriorly, smooth and shiny posteriorly; mesosoma coarsely and irregularly rugose; propodeum with well-developed angular tubercles at juncture of dorsal and posterior faces; side of petiolar peduncle and lower side of petiole smooth and shiny; metapleural lobe strongly produced and angular; WL greater than 1mm.

Similar species: Stenamma JTL-010.

Natural History

I know this species from two Winkler samples of sifted leaf litter, one from Refugio Eladio in the Peľas Blancas Valley, and one from a miniWinkler sample from the 1070m site on the Barva Transect in Braulio Carrillo National Park. Both were areas of mature wet forest.


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