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Ecitoninae: nomadic group raiders; weakly to strongly polymorphic; eyes of at most one ommatidium; fully exposed antennal sockets with surrounding semicircular ridges.

Temporary partial key to Ecitoninae of La Selva Biological Station


Toothed tarsal claws; propodeal spines or flanges present; relatively long, thin antennal scapes. Common.


Toothed tarsal claws; no propodeal spines or flanges; strongly polymorphic. Common.


Simple tarsal claws; propodeum without teeth or spines; moderately polymorphic. Common; smaller and less conspicuous than Eciton, Nomamyrmex.


Toothed tarsal claws; propodeal spines or flanges; scapes relatively short and thick; moderately polymorphic. Common.

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