Bioanalytical Chemistry Research
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Bioanalytical chemistry research at The Evergreen State College is conducted in the laboratory of Dr. Jeff Kelly and Dr. Clyde Barlow. Together, they have been developing physiological procedures and instruments for research and clinical use since 1984. Their work is funded mainly by the National Institutes of Health under the set-aside program Small Business Innovation Research. The lab motto is "If it were easy, it would already have been done."

Students can gain valuable laboratory research experience while working on a variety of projects in the fields of physiology, spectroscopy, computer interfacing, image processing, applied linear algebra, and organic chemistry synthesis.


The laboratory staff possesses many years of experience working with optical detection of fluorescence and reflectance, electronic design, instrument construction and the development of software for data analysis and computer control of instrumentation.

*    Clyde Barlow, PhD, Faculty Member  (
*    Jeff Kelly, PhD, Faculty Member  (
*    Dawn Rorvik, Research Assistant  (
*    Kathy Kelly, Research Assistant  (

Contact Information
Office:    Lab I, Room 054
Telephone: 360-867-6053
FAX (TESC): 360-866-6794
FAX (email): 603-462-9083
Mailbox Location: Lab I, 1st Floor
The Evergreen State College, Lab I
2700 Evergreen Parkway NW
Olympia, WA  98505-0002
State Mail Stop: TA 00

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