Mini_SSC.llb contains two demo vis that communicate through a serial connection with the Mini Serial Servo Controller (SSC) from Scott Edwards Electronics. The Mini SSC can control up to eight R/C servo motors.
Written in LabVIEW 4.0.1
Free for non-commercial use. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Control Panel        Block Diagram  
Control Panel -- Graphical User Interface [4k GIF] Block Diagram -- G-Code [17k GIF]

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TROUBLESHOOTING:  If you are having trouble getting these programs to work properly, please check that the COM port, the BAUD rate and the ID number are set correctly. These settings can be found on the block diagrams of the vis and are labeled for easy identification. To determine the baud rate and ID setting for your particular SSC, read the "Configuring the Mini SSC" section of the manual.

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