Pump22_TTL.llb includes two demonstration programs and drivers that control the Harvard Apparatus Syringe Pump 22 through digital I/O. The first program demonstrates using a National Instruments E-Series DAQ board, which has one 8-bit digital port with configurable lines. The other demonstration was written for a NI DAQ board with two 4-bit ports, such as the AT-MIO-16X.
Written in LabVIEW 4.0.1
Free for non-commercial use. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Control Panel        Block Diagram  
Control Panel -- Graphical User Interface [4k GIF] Block Diagram -- G-Code [8k GIF]

Download Pump22_TTL.zip (58k)


Pump 22 DAQ Board
PinSignalHighLow ActionE-SeriesAT-MIO-16XPin
1Ground    DGNDDGND50
14Power, +5Vpower onpower off READDIO4BDIO019
15Pump Conditionrunningstopped or stalled READDIO5BDIO151
16Pump Directionforwardreverse WRITEDIO0ADIO052
17Start/Stopstartstop WRITEDIO1ADIO117

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