Parallel Port Interface

Pin Assignments

D-Subminiature Connector, 25 Contacts

DB25 Connector Pin Out
Centronics Connector, 36 Contacts

Centronic 36 Connector Pin Out
PinNameFunctionI/O PinNameFunctionI/O
2DATA 0Data Bit 0 (Data LSB)Out 2DATA 0Data Bit 0 (Data LSB)Out
3DATA 1Data Bit 1Out 3DATA 1Data Bit 1Out
4DATA 2Data Bit 2Out 4DATA 2Data Bit 2Out
5DATA 3Data Bit 3Out 5DATA 3Data Bit 3Out
6DATA 4Data Bit 4Out 6DATA 4Data Bit 4Out
7DATA 5Data Bit 5Out 7DATA 5Data Bit 5Out
8DATA 6Data Bit 6Out 8DATA 6Data Bit 6Out
9DATA 7Data Bit 7 (Data MSB)Out 9DATA 7Data Bit 7 (Data MSB)Out
10--ACK--AcknowledgeIn 10--ACK--AcknowledgeIn
11BUSYBusyIn 11BUSYBusyIn
12PEPaper EndIn 12PEPaper EndIn
13SLCTSelectIn 13SLCTSelectIn
14--AUTOLF--Auto Line FeedOut 14--AUTOLF--Auto Line FeedOut
15--ERROR--ErrorIn 16GNDGround 
16--INIT--Initialize PrinterOut 19-30GNDGround 
17--SLCTIN--Select InputOut 31--INIT--Initialize PrinterOut
18-25GNDGround  32--ERROR--ErrorIn
36--SLCTIN--Select InputOut

--Indicates active low signal

Transmission Signal

ASCII "S" (01010011)
2DATA 01
3DATA 11
4DATA 20
5DATA 30
6DATA 41
7DATA 50
8DATA 61
9DATA 70
TTL Standard
Logical 0 (low) = 0 V to +0.8 V
Logical 1 (high) = +2.4 V to +5 V

Null Parallel Adapter

1--10, 11--12--18, 13--15--16

(for Testing the Parallel Port)

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