ASCII Standard Character Set

CharCtrlDecHex CharDecHex CharDecHex CharDecHex
NUL^@000 <space>3220 @6440 `9660
SOH^A101 !3321 A6541 a9761
STX^B202 "3422 B6642 b9862
ETX^C303 #3523 C6743 c9963
EOT^D404 $3624 D6844 d10064
ENQ^E505 %3725 E6945 e10165
ACK^F606 &3826 F7046 f10266
BEL^G707 '3927 G7147 g10367
BS^H808 (4028 H7248 h10468
HT^I909 )4129 I7349 i10569
LF^J100A *422A J744A j1066A
VT^K110B +432B K754B k1076B
FF^L120C ,442C L764C l1086C
CR^M130D -452D M774D m1096D
SO^N140E .462E N784E n1106E
SI^O150F /472F O794F o1116F
DLE^P1610 04830 P8050 p11270
DC1^Q1711 14931 Q8151 q11371
DC2^R1812 25032 R8252 r11472
DC3^S1913 35133 S8353 s11573
DC4^T2014 45234 T8454 t11674
NAK^U2115 55335 U8555 u11775
SYN^V2216 65436 V8656 v11876
ETB^W2317 75537 W8757 w11977
CAN^X2418 85638 X8858 x12078
EM^Y2519 95739 Y8959 y12179
SUB^Z261A :583A Z905A z1227A
ESC^[271B ;593B [915B {1237B
FS^\281C <603C \925C |1247C
GS^]291D =613D ]935D }1257D
RS^^301E >623E ^945E ~1267E
US^_311F ?633F _955F <delete>1277F


ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)
is a 7-bit character code that was introduced by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is used by most U.S. personal and workstation computers.
Other Common Alphanumeric Codes
EBCDIC (Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code)
was developed by IBM for use on their mainframe computers.
is a character coding system designed to support the worldwide interchange and display of written texts of diverse languages by providing a unique number for every character.

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