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Academic Projects and Research

Academic projects and research with web sites are listed below:

EEON - The Evergreen Ecological Observation Network
Long-term Ecological Monitoring At the Evergreen State College; Merging curriculum and ecological monitoring for the 21st century
This project is a long term-monitoring effort involving students and faculty tracking changes in lowland Puget sound ecosystems and the Evergreen State College forests over time. Our efforts are centered on 51, 314 m2 long-term monitoring plots where we are tracking development, growth, and decay of trees, snags, sub-canopy vegetation, and down-woody debris. These data allow us to have a quantitative baseline estimate for carbon stocks and forest structure in our lowland Puget Sound forests, as well as develop and ask interesting questions related to forest structure and diversity. Over-time, these data will allow us to address how forests change, and how climate change is affecting ecosystems.


The Ndebele Wall Painting Project
The Evergreen State College-Tacoma was the site of a unique public art partnership during the summer of 2001. Three Ndebele artists from South Africa lived in the Hilltop community for a month--teaching, sharing their influences, demonstrating their techniques, and showing students, staff, faculty, youth, and community members how they can most effectively communicate their own aspirations and values through symbol.


Teaching Gardens
The Evergreen State College has built its reputation on being an institution of innovation. In 1995, we began to innovate by creating outdoor learning environments - "Teaching Gardens" - that would serve our students and build bridges to the broader South Puget Sound community.


Thurston Giving
Students in the Master’s in Public Administration program studied charitable giving in Thurston County, Washington. This site provides research findings, data, and tools for nonprofit development regarding donor’s motivations and the monetary impact of charitable giving within the county.


Reconstructing New Orleans
The Evergreen State College in Spring quarter of 2006 formed a unique learning community for the program Reconstructing New Orleans: Class, Race, and the Ownership Society. The participants looked at the history of New Orleans, the impacts of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Neoliberalism, and the various plans for reconstruction from the government, corporations and importantly, the people of New Orleans themselves and their needs. The work and research culminated in a college-wide Symposium for public benefit. This website contains research, links, and projects from the participants and others who contributed.


Student Access Galleries

Student Access Galleries provides Evergreen enrolled artists with hands-on experience preparing their works to be exhibited at our on-campus galleries. Student Access Galleries, are student-initiated, and student-directed.


Student Art Gallery of Science and Art Collaborations
This project is an interdisciplinary exchange between the programs, Molecule to Organism and The Lens based Image. The project brings students together from two programs grounded in separate thematic areas of the college, expressive arts and scientific inquiry, in a collaborative exchange to produce provocative works of art.  The goal of this collaborative project is to introduce students to innovative art practices that have scientific concepts at their core. We will engage in a dialog between the arts and sciences through the work of contemporary artists, discussions, readings, research, creative projects and writing. This project will encourage students to make disciplinary connections between the arts and sciences while exploring the emerging field of genomic arts.

The generosity of Young Harvill (B.A., Evergreen 1976; M.F.A., Stanford 1985) makes possible an annual award of $5,000 to explore the intersections of art and science through the visual arts, literature, multimedia, dance, theater and any other compelling media including those emerging from the hard sciences.