Introduction to Fall Mushrooms
by Michael W. Beug Email:
The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA
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White Matsutake, Tricholoma magnivelare, is one of the most highly prized edible mushrooms of North America. Single unopened buttons can command upwards of $100 each in Japanese markets. Tricholoma magnivelare has exceptionally dense flesh. If you squeeze the stipe of Amanita smithiana between your thumb and forefinger it will seem quite hard but as you increase pressure, it will soon break. White and Brown Matsutake and the other mushrooms that were formerly placed in the genus Armillaria and now placed in Tricholoma have such dense flesh that they will not break. The odor of Matsutake is reminiscent of cinnamon and the flavor is strong and pungent, generally unpleasant to my taste but prized by many.

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