Introduction to Fall Mushrooms
by Michael W. Beug Email:
The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA
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Galerina marginata, almost universally known as Galerina autumnalis, The Deadly Galerina, is a species that grows in clumps on wood or can occur singly on the ground and is widespread throughout North America. It has been mistaken for Honey Mushrooms, Hypholoma species, various Pholiota species, especially Pholiota mutabilis, and for various hallucinogenic Psilocybe species . Galerina marginata is a small mushroom with a brown spore print. It has the same toxins as the Destroying Angel Amanita species and has caused fatalities in North America. Galerina marginata is yet another reason why I do not eat brown spored mushrooms.
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