Introduction to Mushrooms Revised April 2000
by By Michael W. Beug Email:
The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA
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Introduction to Mushrooms by Michael Beug is written to give the viewer an introduction to 79 species that are generally very widespread in Northern Temperate regions and are either choice edibles, important poisonous species to avoid or very showy woodland denizens. However, this program just scratches the surface of the vast array of mushrooms. Since each region of the country has its own unique mushrooms, it is also important to learn the edible and poisonous mushrooms of the area you are going to collect in. You can seek out just a few types of mushrooms as a casual pastime or become consumed by the hunt and begin to learn the thousands of mushroom species that may grow in your area. The variety of mushrooms may exceed that of plants, animals and birds combined. There are hordes of new species waiting for discovery and naming.

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