Morels, Truffles and other Spring Mushrooms
by Michael W. Beug Email:
The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA
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Elaphomyces granulatus, the Deer Truffle, is probably the most abundant and widespread of all false truffles, fruiting spring through fall. It takes its name from the Greek, elapho- (deer) and -myces (fungus). I found this collection by looking where deer had been pawing the ground. They eat the thick outer ring of Elaphomyces granulatus leaving the spore mass. One source lists Elaphomyces granulatus as edible but not choice. Dr. Trappe has said that it is poisonous. My recommendation is to avoid it and all similar thick-skinned false truffles. I also avoid the thick-skinned puff-balls and the very similar thick-skinned Sclerodermas. Some of the Sclerodermas are quite poisonous.
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