by Michael W. Beug Email: beugm@evergreen.edu
The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA
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Entoloma lividoalbum forma lividoalbum is one of many hard to distinguish Entoloma species capable of causing severe gastrointestinal distress. Entoloma lividoalbum and Entoloma lividum/sinuatum all look similar to the edible and choice Lyophyllum decastes, a white spored mushroom that occurs in large clumps. They also closely resemble some edible Tricholoma species. An Entoloma has pink spores and grows singly or in small tight groupings. There are many very poisonous Entolomas and just a small piece of one mushroom can cause severe and prolonged discomfort. The usual manifestations are vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain lasting for up to 2 days with full recovery sometimes taking a couple of weeks. Symptoms delayed as long as four hours have been reported. Loss of consciousness is an unusual symptom as is mild liver toxicity. Some victims have episodes of psychological disturbance characterized by an initial phase of euphoria and excitement followed by depression that can last for months. Entoloma rhodopolium has been found to contain choline, muscarine, and muscaridine toxins.
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