by Michael W. Beug Email: beugm@evergreen.edu
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Hypholoma fasciculare, also known as Naematoloma fasciculare, the Green-gilled Woodlover, or Sulfur Tuft can apparently be eaten in North America, though it is generally bitter. It is mistaken for both the edible Hypholoma capnoides and for Honey Mushrooms in the Armillaria mellea group. In Europe and in Japan there have been severe poisonings and possibly even a death from Hypholoma fasciculare. The latent period is 5 to 10 hours with onset of symptoms marked by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and possible collapse. Impaired vision and paralysis have been reported. As in many mushroom poisonings, the one death involved a mixed ingestion of more than one toxic species. Figuring out the cause of a poisoning is often confounded when individuals eat many species at once or accidentally mix a few toxic species in with otherwise edible species. The problem is compounded when no whole mushrooms are set aside and saved. Identifying a potential problem is also difficult when young children are grazing in the yard and you cannot be certain of what they ate.
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