by Michael W. Beug Email: beugm@evergreen.edu
The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA
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Lepista nuda or Clitocybe nuda, The Wood Blewit, is a choice edible species when thoroughly cooked, but is moderately poisonous if eaten raw. Indeed, I recommend that no mushrooms be eaten raw. In addition to the heat labile hemolysin, some mushrooms contain potentially carcinogenic hydrazines that are deactivated on cooking. Others contain an enzyme that blocks protein uptake. Mushrooms can be very nutritious after cooking but are generally hard to digest or worse when eaten raw. Paradoxically, several strains of the common commercial button mushroom including the now popular Portobello, contain significant levels of Agaritine, a potentially carcinogenic hydrazine that is bioactivated by cooking.
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