by Michael W. Beug Email: beugm@evergreen.edu
The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA
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Pholiota squarrosa, the Scaly Pholiota, was long regarded as edible but has more recently been implicated in some serious poisonings. For some people the toxicity is associated with the consumption of alcohol along with a meal of these mushrooms. Others are poisoned even when alcohol is not consumed. Onset of the gastrointestinal reaction is generally about an hour after the meal and can be severe in some individuals. Finding a huge clump of Pholiota squarrosa may tempt the mycophagist. However, most Pholiota species are bland, with a flavor and texture similar to a marshmallow without sugar. Several, including Pholiota limonella and Pholiota highlandensis cause gastrointestinal distress in susceptible individuals.
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