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Auricularia auricula, Black Tree Fungus or Wood Ears is known by many common names. It grows wild in North America and is both wild and cultivated in Asia. Auricularia auricula is popular in Asian banquet cooking and is believed to have medical benefits, including soothing sore throats. However, it can cause easy bruising, nosebleeds and heavier than normal menstrual bleeding. The condition is dubbed Szechwan restaurant syndrome or Szechwan purpurea. Auricularia auricula collections are highly variable in effect, some producing no inhibition. Some can inhibit platelet aggregation for a few days. Only extreme gluttony is likely to put someone at much risk. Gluttony with mushrooms is never advisable since there are many examples of mushrooms that can be safely eaten in moderation but will cause problems when eaten in quantity.
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