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The Evergreen State College in Spring quarter of 2006 formed a unique learning community for the program Reconstructing New Orleans: Class, Race, and the Ownership Society. 

The participants looked at the history of New Orleans, the impacts of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, Neoliberalism, and the various plans for reconstruction from the government, corporations and importantly, the people of New Orleans themselves and their needs.  The work and research culminated in a college-wide Symposium for public benefit.  This website contains research, links, and projects from the participants and others who contributed.


Student Projects


A Thank You to all who attended

our spring Symposium


Symposium May 26, 2006


Key Note Speakers:

Malik Rahim of Common Ground

Jerome Scott of Project South


Reconstructing New Orleans:

Race, Class and the Ownership Society

Academic Program Website