Student Access Galleries at the evergreen state college

Student Access Galleries (SAG) is a project in development. We plan to be fully functional by the winter quarter '09-'10. Please stay tuned for late breaking news. Questions or comments can be directed to Matt Hamon ( ) Thank you.

Student Access Galleries provides TESC enrolled artists with hands-on experience preparing their works to be exhibited at our on-campus galleries. Student Access Galleries, are student-initiated, and student-directed. The Student Access Gallery, is committed to enhancing the campus environment with visual art shows. Student Access Gallery is the voice for student artists who plan to work in the competitive field of art and to all students who want to know more about the operations of galleries or museums. Student Access Gallery is a network for the sharing of experience and information between artists and students who are interested in enhancing the campus environment

Currently, we support up to two shows per quarter in each of our campus galleries:

Library Gallery: (located in the 2nd floor foyer of the library building)

The Foyer Gallery: (located in the arts annex)

The Cafe: (located in The Sem II Cafe)

SEM II D2: (In the second floor hallway of the D wing)

Gallery spaces in development:

Library: (in the Dean's area, Provost's area, and in the student business services area NOTE: these sites are under development)

S.A.G. anticipate organizing and providing:

A dedicated Gallery Preparator who assists with the installation and de-installation of their work

Help developing an Artist's Statement

Frame building workshops

Media exposure at TESC and through community publications and radio


Quarterly internships are available for students interested in curatorial practices.

Contact Matt Hamon for details: ( ).