Charitable Giving

There are over 700 non-profit organizations in Thurston County.  The 2006 IRS 990 filings of the 90 non-profits reporting over $100,000 in revenue were analyzed.  Their reported revenue was $195,420,042.  The largest sources of revenue came from program revenue (48%), government contributions (22%), and other contributions (21%).  Interestingly, events put on by these organizations only accounting for 1% of their total reported revenue.  This research shows that non-profit organizations contribute significantly to the economy and social wellbeing of Thurston County and continue to provide important services to the local community.

Quantitative data was compiled through in depth research of 990 reports while some qualitative findings were reached through interviews with local nonprofit leaders.  The interview process uncovered that most respondents felt that:

  1. The most important non-profit organizations are those that provide human services and those that provide the financial support to local non-profits.
  2. Non-profit organizations are important to the community because they make Thurston County a wonderful, supportive, and vibrant place.
  3. Thurston County is a great place to live because of the non-profit organizations located here.
  4. Local non-profit organizations are economically important because of the jobs they provide to Thurston County residents.


Organizations pie chart


Revenue pie chart

Data Sources from IRS Form 990

  • Program Revenue is based on line 2 on the 2006 IRS form 990
  • Government Contributions based on line 1d on the 2006 IRS form 990
  • Contributions is based on lines 1a, 1b and 1c on the 2006 IRS form 990
  • Membership amount based on line 3 on the 2006 IRS form 990
  • Interest amount based on line 4 and 5 on the 2006 IRS form 990
  • Event amount based on line 9c on the 2006 IRS form 990
  • Other amount based on lines 6c, 7, 8d, 10a and 11 on the 2006 IRS form 990


This study looked at 501 (c) (3) organizations based in Thurston County, Washington with a 2006 Revenue as stated on their IRS 990 form of over $100,000.  Faith based organizations were not included in the study and compilation of information.  The information was secured through the public website,, which provides copies of the IRS form 990.  There were 90 organizations that fit the requirements, and well over 700 501 (c) (3) organizations with information and 990 forms on

In addition, two organizations who are counted in the comprehensive information presented had not filed their 2006 IRS form 990, and so their 2005 information was used.  Lastly, it should be noted that there are a good number of associations based in Thurston County because it is has the Capital City of Washington State.  Due to this, the associations serve all of Washington State, but are based in Thurston County and therefore counted in this study.