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American/Public Historian

The Art of Local History

Public History Links
Local and regional history research resources, archives and oral history
Community Food Security
Respect our environmental resources and enhance
our local economy by growing, buying and bartering local food.

Local & Community Research Links
Environmental, social, governmental and
non-profit resources from local, state and national agencies and NGOs.

Northwest Indian Applied Research Institute Resource Page
Local, regional and National Native American resources;links to tribes, publications and research resources

Protecting Washington Wilderness

Tacoma Program

WATER LINK: Pacific Northwest Maritime History Summer 2002

2001-2002 Program Links


If you live in the middle of town you don't see the edges.
In the middle of the country you don't see the seas.

If you live in the middle class you miss the others.
If you look in the middle distance you miss the point.

If you find a middle ground you can maybe hold it.
But the middle of the road is a risky place.

--from MIDDLE by Martha Collins

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