Women in the History
American Librarianship

Created by Lisa R. Bartle, Librarian

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Susan Grey Akers, Sarah Askew, Frances Neel Cheney, Theresa Hubble West Elmendorf, Caroline Maria Hewins, Ida Angeline Clarke Kidder, Hannah Logasa, Flora Belle Ludington, Anne Carroll Moore, Mary Wright Plummer
Other Fascinating Women Worthy of Study.


I created this page as part of a project at the University of California, Los Angeles in the Department of Library and Information Science in June, 1996. After almost a year of study, I had read about Cutter, Otlet, and Dewey, but I couldn't name a single woman who had contributed to librarianship. This page is the result of my search for women in the history of librarianship. It is an effort to make the information easily available to others, be it for research purposes or for professional inspiration. Currently, I am working compiling a bio-bibliography on all of the women in the list.

Selection Criteria

After examining the initial research, certain librarians caught my interest. I chose the women for this page in a purely subjective manner. All of the women listed at the bottom of the page are worthy of interest and further study, but it is not practical to mount all of the biographies on this web page.

 Generally speaking, these women worked in the field for a great part of their career, rather than in the business-end or the academic-end of librarianship. Because I will be working in the field, I found these women more inspirational. In addition, I chose women who were active in the profession: creators of associations, active members of committees; communicators to others in the field via lecturing or publishing. Finally, I admired women who moved beyond the field and its internal interests, women who used libraries and librarianship as a stepping-stone to participating in, and improving, the world.

Caution: You will not find detailed information on where the librarians were born or what their mother's religion was. You will find impressions of personality, character, and professional accomplishments.  I remind the reader that this information represents only a beginning, to gather information on these women. It is far from being comprehensive.

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