Ann Storey, PhD
Member of the Faculty
The Evergreen State College

Yellowstone canyon, by Thomas Moran

Ann teaches a variety of art history classes at Evergreen. She received her masters and doctorate at the University of Washington; she has been teaching for five years.

During winter quarter she is teaching the 8 credit program American Ways of Seeing and the 4 credit course Foundations of Art History: A Creative Rebirth. During spring quarter she will co-teach the 8 credit program Mexico: Art and Ceremony with Marla Elliott, she will continue to teach Foundations of Art History: Pathways to Modernism.

Mexico: Art and Ceremony will be a coordinated studies program including art, art history and drama.

Ann will be teaching An Artist's Retreat, a coordinated studies art and art history 8 credit program, during summer quarter, first session. This will be co-taught with Amy Fisher, a noted local artist and teacher.



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