Students looking for a contract sponsor should read this statement.

Students regularly ask me to sponsor them on independent research projects. I usually only work with students that I have had previously in class. I only sponsor students that have sufficient academic background and laboratory skills. This usually means a lot of biological science, chemistry through at least one quarter of organic and hopefully some physics and calculus. Most students that I have worked with at TESC have taken the equivalent of "Molecule to Organism". Many students have previous research experience in a TESC program (e.g., Marine Life or M2O). I also expect that students will have decent writing skills. I do not -sponsor students on independent learning contracts to cover course work that is better learned in a classroom setting.

I routinely sponsor students to work on internships at state agencies (e.g., Departments of Ecology and Fish &Wildlife), Marine Research Organizations (Cascadia Research Collective), and other organizations with environmental science tendencies (tribal fishery offices, marine education camps, etc.). Most students seeking my sponsorship as a faculty advisor on an internship have already made the connection with the organization ahead of time, but occasionally I know of internship opportunities. Some students carry out independent study projects during their internships on topics related to their work experience.

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