Ecology of Puget Sound
Winter 2001
Faculty: Erik Thuesen
Enrollment: 25
Prerequisites: None
Faculty Signature: No
Special Expenses: Up to $125 in overnight field trip expenses
Credits: 16
Internship Possibilities: Consult Faculty
Travel Component: One-day and overnight in-state field trips

This all-level program will investigate ecological interactions of the organisms in the Puget Sound estuary. We will examine relationships between plants, animals and microbes in pelagic, sub-tidal and intertidal habitats. Seminars and workshops will be used to explore fully the topics covered in lectures and readings. Weekly field trips will take us to various locations in Puget Sound for hands-on observations and field work. There will be one multi-day field trip and opportunities to experience Puget Sound on the Evergreen sailing vessels. Students will have the opportunity to improve their library research skills as they undertake research into specific ecological relationships. Each student will give a final oral presentation at the end of the quarter.

Credit will be awarded in Marine Ecology, Biology, and Environmental Science.