Spring 1999 Invertebrate Zoology and Evolution
Spring/Group Contract
Sponsor: Erik V. Thuesen
Enrollment: 25; Faculty: 1
Prerequisites: General Biology or Introduction to Environmental Studies
Special expenses: $60 for over night field trips and above average book costs
Part-time options: No
Internship possibilities: No
Additional course allowed: No

This course will examine all the invertebrate phyla with particular regards to functional morphology, phylogeny and ecology. The evolution of invertebrates will be an underlying theme throughout the course, and students will study the science of evolution through seminar readings and oral presentations. The proximity of TESC to various marine, fresh-water and terrestrial habitats provides excellent opportunities to study many diverse groups of local organisms, and emphasis will be placed on learning the regional invertebrate fauna. Fundamental laboratory and field techniques in zoology will be learned, and students will be required to complete a research project utilizing the available microscopy facilities (light and SEM). A strong time commitment to work both in the field and in the lab is expected.