Marine Life: Marine Organisms and Their Environments
Our first class is Monday, January 3, 2005, at 09:00 in Lecture Hall 2
The weekly schedule and book list can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Marine Life: Marine Organisms and Their Environments
Winter, Spring/Group Contract
Faculty: Erik Thuesen, Steve Norton
Enrollment: 50
Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing, transfer students welcome; at least two quarters of college chemistry and two quarters of biological sciences with labs; an ability to work easily with numbers and equations; experience using a personal computer. We will give a short exam the first day of class to verify these prerequisites.
Faculty Signature: No
Special Expenses: Up to $150 per quarter for overnight field trips. We will go to Friday Harbor Labs Feb. 7-11th. This trip will cost approximately $150.00.
Internship Possibilities: No
This program focuses on marine organisms, the sea as a habitat, relationships between organisms and the physical/chemical properties of their environments, and their adaptations to those environments. Students will study marine organisms, elements of biological, chemical and physical oceanography and field sampling methods, with associated statistics and laboratory techniques. Throughout the program, students will focus on the identification of marine organisms and aspects of the ecology of selected species. Physiological adaptations to diverse marine environments and ecological relationships will be also be emphasized. The class will study physical features of marine waters, nutrients, biological productivity and regional topics in marine science. Concepts will be applied via faculty-designed experiments and student-designed research projects. Data analysis will be facilitated through the use of Excel spreadsheets and elementary bio-statistics.

Credit awarded in marine biology*, oceanography*, marine ecology* and research*. Although circumstances may change, we anticipate that all credit will be designated upper-division science for those students completing both quarters of the program.
Total: 16* credits each quarter.
A similar program is expected to be offered in 2006-07.
Tentative Weekly Schedule *Subject to Change*
9:00-12:00 (LH2) Recitation/Presentations
8:30-11:00 (LH4) Lecture
13:00-15:00 (Lab 2 2207) Seminar/Workshop
8:00-10:00 (LH2) Lecture
10:30-13:00 Computer Applications Laboratory
9:00-17:00 (Lab 1 3041/3046) Laboratory

Text books
Biological oceanography. Charles Miller, ISBN: 0632055367 Blackwell
Marine Biogeochemistry, Libes. Chapters 1-3 (0n reserve).
Marine biology: an ecological approach. Nybakken & Bertness, ISBN: 0805345825 Cummings
Handbook of biological investigation. Ambrose & Ambrose, ISBN: 0887252168 Hunter