The Bivalves of The Evergreen State College , Olympia, WA

Brian Kegel

The Evergreen State College

18 March 1998

This web resource is the result of an individual learning contract by Brian L. Kegel at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington in the winter and spring of 1998. This contract was sponsored by Erik V. Thuesen.

  Clinocardium nuttallii  

A review of the general biology of bivalves.

This is the key to the families and species of bivalves on The Evergreen State College campus.
A list of the bivalve species found in our area.

Glossary of bivalve terms used in this web page.

A list of the literature, regarding bivalves, cited on this web page.
Links to other bivalvia and mollucan pages.










General Molluscan Links:
        This page has lots of information on cephalopods and images of gastropods and bivalves.

        An excellent site for pictures of marine animals native to Puget Sound and British Columbia.
        CLEMAM (Check List of European MArine Mollusks) a taxonomic search engine.
        Site for ordering live specimens.  Has great pictures of polyplacophora, cephalopods, bivalves and gastropods.
        The main page has links to other invertebrate phyla as well.
         Has a list of various molluscs with photos, taxonomic information and notes on each species listed.
        Pictures of molluscan larvae.
        The University of Arizona's Tree of Life: Mollusca Page
 Bivalve Links:
        Bivalve anatomy.
        A bivalve research group on the East Coast.
        A college report on the affects of logging on bivalve populations.
        Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

Cephalopod Links:
        Giant octopus page.
        The Cephalopod Page-a real Must See!
        The National Resource Center for Cephalopod Research page.
        The University of Aberdeen (E.C.) Eurosquid page.

Gastropod Links:
        Australian Museum online malacology page.
        Limpet "protection zones".
        Nudibranch page.

Polyplacophora (Chitons) Links:

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank all those people who helped me survive this project in one piece. My wife, Lisa, who kept me focused on my work.  My parents, Bob and Charlene, who took me to the beach every year and gave me the opportunity to fall in love with the ocean. Marcus and Shane, the oddest SIT's that Evergreen ever had, for interrupting me on occasion so that I had a break and someone to laugh with.  Nicole and Martin, for treating me like a human being.  Erik, my project advisor, for stirring things up every once in a while.  Dave, for laughing at me when I needed it.  Gerardo, for putting up with me for three years in a row.  The entire Marine Life '98 program, for letting me be their pet T.A.  Michal, for letting me borrow things from the Lab Store and for believing that I would bring them back.  Elisabeth, for saying "Good morning", every morning...even when it wasn't.  And finally, Holly, for being a friend...even when I wasn't.  

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