Erik V. Thuesen, Ph.D.
The phylum Chaetognatha contains over 125 species of marine worms called "Arrow Worms". Most chaetognaths are planktonic, but some species attach to algae or other substrates. They are found in marine ecosystems all over the planet, including the open ocean, tide pools, polar waters, marine caves, coastal lagoons, and the deep sea. Often, they can be the second most dominant group of zooplankton. They have been found to be the most abundant type of animal present in some deep-sea environments. They are predators on copepods and other small crustaceans, larval fish and other chaetognaths. They are food for fishes, squids and some sea birds. This web site contains information about chaetognath biology including keys, images, species lists and links to other on-line references.
Chaetognath biology
List of chaetognath species
Keys to some chaetognaths off the West Coast of North America
Images of chaetognaths
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