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The Evergreen State College,
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Part Time Faculty Web Discussion

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2001 Faculty Institute on Instructional Technology

 Institute Program

Instructional Technology Institute
        compiled lists of Pedagogical Issues from 1999 and 2000.

Institute 2000 Memo on  IT at TESC


Fall 2001-Winter 2002
    The Good Organization (at Grays Harbor), 8 / 12 credit program

Spring 2002
    Philosophy of Science:                4 credit course
    Philosophy as a Form of Life:     4 credit course
           Course description


Fall, 2000

    Philosophy as a Form of Life: 4 credit course
           Course description

    Ethics in Business and Public Policy: 4 credit course

 Course description

Winter, 2001
        Observations (with Joe Fedderson), 16 credit program

Spring, 2001
        Celebrate Mexico (with Ann Storey), 8 credit program

Summer, 2001
    Carving Wood / Carving Stone, 4 credit course


Publications and unpublished papers

    Mapping the Circumrational Frontier (Kirchberg, 2000)

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