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The Ethnomusicologists' Cookbook: Complete Meals from Around the World

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Table of Contents

I. Prelude
World Music, World Food, by Sean Williams
How to Use This Book, by Sean Williams

II. Africa
Kenya, by Jesse Samba Wheeler
Northern Ghana, by David Locke
Cape Verde Islands, by Susan Hurley-Glowa
Namibia, by Minette Mans

III. East Asia
Chaozhou (China), by Mercedes DuJunco
Sichuan (China), by Su Zheng
Tokyo (Japan), by Marié Abe
Okinawa (Japan), by Marié Abe
Korea, by Okon Hwang
Mongolia, by Peter Marsh

IV. South Asia
Nepal, by Anne Marie Stirr
North India, by Amelia Maciszewski
Christian Kerala (South India), by Zoe Sherinian

V. Southeast Asia
Luzon (Philippines), by Mercedes DuJunco
Java (Indonesia), by Marc Benamou
Sunda (Indonesia), by Sean Williams
Bali (Indonesia), by Ni Wayan Murni and Jonathan Copeland
Thailand, by Andrew and Christine Shahriari and Terry Miller
Vietnam, by Phong Nguyen

VI. Middle East
Morocco, by Philip Schuyler
Andalusian Morocco, by Julia Banzi
Judeo-Spanish Morocco, by Judith Cohen and Suzanne Benchimol
Egypt, by Mina Girgis
Palestine, by David McDonald
Syria, by Kathleen Hood
Iran, by Niloofar Mina

VII. South/Central America
Bolivia, by Thalia Rios
Brasília (Brazil), by Jesse Wheeler and Rosa Virginia Melo
Minas Gerais (Brazil) by Suzel Reily
Southeastern Brazil, by Carla Brunet
Mexico, by Mark Brill

VIII. North America
Newfoundland and Labrador, by Beverly Diamond
Romanian Jewish New York, by Jeffrey Summit
Appalachia, by Lucy Long
Canoe Nations of the Pacific Northwest, by Pauline Tuttle

IX. Oceania
Australia, by Jennifer Gall
New Zealand, by David Hebert
Tonga, by Adrienne Kaeppler

X. Europe
Andalusian Spain, by Julia Banzi
Ibiza and Formentera Islands, by Esperança Bonet Roig and Judith Cohen
Campania (Italy), by Jennifer Caputo
Greece, by Maria Hnaraki
Bulgaria, by Timothy Rice
Estonia, by Ramona Holmes
Sweden, by Theresa Allison
Norway, by Chris Goertzen
Ireland, by Sean Williams

XI. Encore
The Marzipan Workshop Sonnets, by Bruno Nettl
About the Contributors
I Can't Eat That! Dietary Modifications, by Abigail Wood

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