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This site is concerned primarily with the art of sean-nós ("old style") Irish singing. However, I have included many Irish song lyrics in both English and Irish that can be explored by surfing through the lists to the left of this page. Please alert me to any errors or broken links; I will do my best to keep everything up to date.

Sean-nós singing is one of the finest of the traditional Irish arts. It is often characterized by unaccompanied performance in Irish or in English; free rhythm, relative lack of vibrato or dynamic change, and especially by the use of rapid, melismatic ornamentation. I first studied sean-nós singing in the early 1980s when I was a graduate student at the University of Washington in ethnomusicology. My teacher was Joe Heaney, one of the greatest singers of his time. We worked together for several years until his untimely death from emphysema in 1984, and I was fortunate to receive many of his songs. This page is intended as a center for dissemination of information on sean-nós singing. Several online articles may serve as resources for further information, and the reader is invited to peruse both the bibliography and discography to find out more about this wonderful music. My article on sean-nós singing, listed below, is specifically about the Connemara style. The sidebar includes song lyrics; some were performed by Joe Heaney, while others are simply ones that I've used in my classes.

Information Online:

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