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Compiled by Tony Zaragoza
The Evergreen State College

These Resources will be continually updated. Please send me any suggestions.

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Featured Link: Some resources relevant to gender identity issues in higher education

Seeds of Change

Seeds of Change Program

Fairtrade Labelling Organizations

The Story of Stuff

The Comic Book of Neoliberalism

The World Banana Economy, 1985-2002

Banana Link

US/Labor Education in the Americas Project

Map: Central America & the Caribbean

Map: South America

Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project

Segregated Seattle

Columbia River Basin Ethnic History Archive

Chinese Reconciliation Project

Northwest History Database

Yakama Nation Cultural Center

Yakima County Museum

Toppenish Murals

Fruit Labels

Suheir Hammad

Animal Vegetable Miracle

La Casa Hogar

Chicano/Latino Archive: Daniel DeSiga

Via Campesina

Institute for Ecological Ag

Brazil's Landless Workers Movement

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN

US Department of Agriculture

US National Ag Statistics


Social Forums

US Social Forum

World Social Forum

Wikipedia: WSF

Bamako Appeal

Mumbai Resistance

Project South

Midwest Social Forum

Border Social Forum

Boston Social Forum

Writing Resources

Evergreen Writing Center Resources

Purdue On-Line Writing Lab

George Mason Writing Center Resources

Writing Evergreen Evaluations

Chicago Style Documentation

TESC Library Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Thesauruses

TESC Library Citation and Style Guides

How to Read a Book

SQ3R Reading Method

Political Economy & Social Change Resources

Women for Genuine Security

All Women Count

Dignity Village

Political Economy Research Institute

Welfare RIghts Organizing Coalition

United for a Fair Economy

Women's Economic Agenda Project

Essential Information

Women of Color Resource Center

Landless Workers Movement (MST)

Gabriela Network

CISPES Newsletter

Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign

Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Highlander Research and Education Center

Rethinking Schools

Corporate Watch

Economic Reporting Review

Western States Center

Working Families Win

Citizens Trade Campaign

United Students Against Sweatshops

Via Campesina

International Gender and Trade Network

Demystifying the Dissertation

Popular Education & Radical Pedagogy Resources

Wikipedia: Popular Education, Participatory Action Research, Cooperative Inquiry, Pedagogy, Critical Pedagogy, Theater of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire

Gateways for Incarcerated Youth

Catalyst Centre

Highlander Center

Center for Popular Economics

PopEd Toolkit

Popular Education News

The BRIDGE Project
Popular Education Resources for Immigrant and Refugee Community Organizers

Institute for People's Education and Action

Applied Research Center

Teaching for Change

Free Child Project

Mandala Center for Change (Theatre of the Oppressed)

Youth Action Research Group

Juvenile Jutice Project of Louisiana

Paulo Freire Institute Brazil

Paulo Freire Institute UCLA

UFE: Readings and Resources for Popular Economics

Youth Empowerment Project

Community Partnership Center

Community Arts Network

Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life

Popular Education and Storytelling

Radical Teacher

Rethinking Schools

Reach and Teach: Educating for Change

Trapese: Take Radical Action through Popular Education and Sustainable Everything

Discovery School's Puzzlemaker

Working in Political Economy


Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies

Research Unit for Political Economy

Monthly Review

Cultural Logic


Institute for Women's Policy Research

IBON Foundation

New Internationalist

Left Turn

Dollars and Sense

Data Center

Red Critique

Economic Policy Institute

National Priorities Project

Institute for Policy Studies

Middle East Report

Electronic Intifada

Center for Budget and Policy

Links to Think Tanks (by Vincent Ferraro)

Documents of American Foreign Policy and International Relations (by Vincent Ferraro)

Relevent Electronic Journals (by Vincent Ferraro)

Covert Action Quarterly

Political Economy of Racism

Race & Class
Avaliable at TESC library and on-line through TESC Library

Race and Class Lecture Handout

Racial Wealth Divide Project

Proslavery: The Political Economy of Racism

All Women Count

Book List

Labor Exploitation


Conquest, Colonialism, Imperialism

Marxism and the Race/Class Problematic:
A Re-Articulation
By E. San Juan, Jr.

Class Struggle and the Origin of Racial Slavery:
The Invention of the White Race
by Theodore William Allen

Crossing Race and Nationality:
The Racial Formation of Asian Americans, 1852-1965
By Bob Wing

The New Welfare Reform:
"Delivering Slaves to the Auction Block"

Prisons, Political Economy & Social Movements

The Birth Attendants

Women's Prison Association

The Real Cost of Prisons Project

Books Not Bars – Ella Baker Center

Critical Resistance

The Sentencing Project

The November Coalition

Prison Moratorium Project

Incarceration Atlas

California's Prison Crisis

Prison Activist Resource Center

Holler to the Hood


Building Blocks for Youth

Washington Department of Corrections

Washington Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration

Ethnic Studies

Voices from the Gaps

Chronology of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley


David Bacon

Time Magazine: Photo Essays

Camera Works

Flavio Cannalonga: Leaves of Confusion

Olympia Homeless Census

Thomas Prosch Seattle photograph album, ca. 1851-1906

Women in Photography International

Gary Braasch Environmental Photography

World View of Global Warming

Getty News Images

Getty Images

Great Mirror Photos, Pictures and Travel Imagery

Harvey Finkle

Sebastiao Salgado

LookAt Photos

Michael Williamson: Invisible Lives, Gulf War Syndrome, & Bayview

Daymon J. Hartley: Palestine, Homeless, & Detroit Newspaper Strike

Carrie Mae Weems


Martin Kane

Boyd and Braas collection of photographs of Seattle and Washington State, ca. 1888-1893

William F. Boyd album of photographs of Seattle and Washington State, ca. 1888-1893

James Patrick Lee collection of photographs of Seattle, ca. 1904-1940

Frank Matsura Collection of Washington photos 1905-1913

Columbia Basin Ethnic History Archive

Local Organizations


Local Resources

Thurston County Interactive Bikemap

Some resources relevant to gender identity issues in higher education

News Local

Best 2007 Activist's Information Source from Seattle IndyMedia


Works in Progress

South Sound Green Pages

The Sitting Duck

Daily Olympian

Eat the State

blog-ah (Ft. Lewis Ranger)

Weekly Volcano

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Seattle Times

Tacoma News Tribune


News National

NY Times

LA Times

Washington Post

Boston Globe

People's Tribune

Tribuno del Pueblo

Labor Notes

The Wall Street Journal



Washington Post

Washington Times

USA Today

CBS Market Watch

Davey D's Hiphop Daily News

Guardian America

News International


Nepali Times

Venezuela Analysis

OhmyNews International

Meghbarta (Bangladesh)

Agence France Press

Aljazeera (Qatar)

The Nicaragua Network

Al-Ahram (Egypt)

All Africa

Asia Times


Bulatlat (Philippines)

Dawn (Pakistan)

Estado (Brazil)

Granma (Cuba)

Guardian (UK)

Haaretz (Israel)

Toronto Star (Canada)

Xinhua (China)

Le Monde Diplomatique

News Nodes

One World

Media Island


Inter Press News Service

Common Dreams

Upside Down World

Google News

The Brown Watch

Native American Times

Guerilla News Network

Jay's Leftist and Progressive Directory

Truth Out

Jane's Defence Weekly

Drudge Report



Women's eNews

Consortium News

WSLC Reports


Seattle Gay News

Pacific NW Portal

Z net

World Socialist Website

Narco News

The Memory Hole

CNET tech news

Science News

People's Weekly World

Eagle Forum

Town Hall

Information Clearing House


The Anti-Empire Report (see essays by Blum)

Streetwise: Carol P. Araullo

Salón Chingón

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

The Real Cost of Prisons

Freeway Blogger

The Black Commentator

Rahul Mahajan

Robert Fisk

River Bend: Baghdad Burning

Angry Arab News Service

The Muslim-Jewish/Jewish-Muslim PeaceWalk

Tikun Olam

The Head Heeb

Peek: The Blog of Blogs

Military Matters

Working Life

Stephanie McMillan

(see especially ... 9/3/05)


Left Turn

Hip Mama


Fierce Magazine

LiP Magazine

Seven Oaks


Public Eye


Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

Institute for Public Accuracy



Free Radio Olympia

KOWA--Low Power Community Radio Olympia

Radio 4 All

Uprising Radio

Democracy Now!


Free Speech Radio News


People's Tribune Radio

rabble podcasting network

Vancouver Cooperative Radio

NorthWest Sound Posse

Radio New Internationalist

Near FM

Hear Vox


Alternative Radio

This American Life

FlashPoints: News and Commentary

Workers Independent News

This Way Out


Off The Hook (2600)

BBC Radio Homepage

Radio Lab


NCRA Exchange


Interviews from US Social Forum

Parenti on Fascism (mp3)

Wallerstein (mp3)

Ellen Frank (mp3)

Panel on Harvey's A Brief History of Neoliberalism (mp3)

PTR: The Future is up to Us


Washington Maps

Seattle Census 2000 Demographics Maps

Seattle Overview

Washington Precipitation

General Map Sites

Zoltán Grossman Maps

Le Monde Diplomatique Maps

Library of Congress Map Collection: 1500-2004

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection

TerraServer (Satellite Photos and Aerial Photography)

USGS Landsat Project

Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change

The Geo-Images Project

Washington State Environmental Learning Centers

Thurston Geodata Center

Outline Maps (pdfs)

Specific Regions

Middle East Graphic 2003

Afghanistan 2003

Afghanistan Ethnolinguistic Groups

Iraq 2004

Al Basrah Region Oil Fields

Distribution of Ethnoreligious Groups and Major Tribes

Land Use

Israel 2001

Israel Economic Activity

Israel land Use

Separation Wall

Palestinian Territories (occupied by Israel)

West Bank (large map)

Gaza Strip

West Bank Checkpoints
Gaza Checkpoints

Checkpoints North of Jerusalem

Palestine Maps through History (High resolution Palestine & Jerusalem maps covering much of Palestine's modern history from Passia)

Mega Cities 2000

Mega Cities 2015

Population Trend and Rate of Urbanization

Mega Cities from includes interactive map and photos

Incarceration Atlas

US Military Bases Continental US (pdf)

US Military Deployment 1969-2004

US Military Bases around the world (pdf)

US Military Bases around the world II

Some Existing or Proposed Threats to Native Lands in Western North America

Cancer Pollution Map

Spanish Conquest of Mexico

US Invasion of Mexico

Chiapas and Zapatista Autonomous Zones

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Etc.

Merriam Webster

Oxford English Dictionary (Available at TESC)

Common Errors in English


Arts & Letters Daily

Latino Cultural Heritage Digital Archives

Spanish/English Dictionary


Annotated List of Films on Inequality, Struggle and Justice (pdf)

TESC Labor Center Video Shelf


First Nations Films

Evil Twin Booking

Vital Visuals


National Asian American Telecommunication Association

Arab Film Distribution

Free Will Productions

Bullfrog Films

Women Make Movies

California News Reel

PBS Video

PBS: American Experience

Media Education Foundation

First Run/ Icarus Films

National Film Board of Canada

Video and Film Lending Library

New Zealand Film Archive

Educational Media Reviews Online

Viewing Race Community Film Project

Jouneyman Pictures

Human Rights Education Library

World Centric Film Series

Big Noise Films

New Day Films

The Film Connection


Wallingford Friday Night Meaningful Movies

San Francisco Black Film Festival

5th Annual DC Labor Film Fest


Creative Direct Action Visuals

Mass Line Media

Youth Speaks


Frida Kahlo

Diego Rivera

Leonard Peltier

Amiri Baraka

John Leaños


Fruit of Labor

Northland Poster Collective

Evergreen Galleries

People's History Posters

Syracuse Cultural Workers

Cecilia Alvarez

Ewuare Osayande

Beehive Design Collective

Doug Minkler Printable Graphics

Mark Vallen's "Art for a Change"


Lalo Alcarez and his La Cucaracha

Znet Cartoons

Huck and Konopaki Labor Cartoons

Carol Simpson

Trouble Town

This Modern World

Ted Rall

Minimum Security

Kirk Anderson

Sarah Moser

Matt Wuerker


Thurston County Community Television


KCTS Seattle Public Television

KBTC Tacoma Public Television


Monthly Review Press

The New Press

South End Press

AK Press

Zed Books

Common Courage Press

International Publishers

University of Illinois Press

New York University Press

University of Minnesota Press

Pluto Books

Verso Books

Black Rose Books

University of California Books




World Public Opinion

Public Agenda

Pew Research Center

Angus Reid Global Monitor

Quinnipiac Polls

Rasmussen Reports

Roper Center: Polling 101

National Council of Public Polls

Wikipedia: Polls