Automation and Robotics News
Collected and compiled by Tony Zaragoza ( since 7/09.

Automation and Robotics News is a twice-monthly compilation of the latest news in automation and robotics from nano-robotics to large-scale industrial automation. ARNews is focused primarily on the impacts these technologies have on the global economy including productivity, labor replacement, law, politics, and warfare. Key sources include google news, cnet, wired, the wall street journal, robotics industry association,, robot world news, robots podcast, the inside technology automaton blog, industrial robot news, robotics trends, among others. Please share any stories or sources you feel are important, and please let me know about any bad links. Click on the dates below for news story details ... or hit the main archives.

Nov. 7, 2010: Upgrading drones; why companies should automation; Indian Dairy Automation; automation and increaing demand; Robot sales up this year in NA;  Asimo 10 year anniversary.
Oct. 24, 2010: DARPA, DARPA crazy; Robotics Rodeo; Call Center Automation; Robotic Teachers; Reports on robot job displacement; positive ways of looking at robot job displacement; piano bot; bowler bot; babies and robots; and antarctic exploration.
Oct 10, 2010: Drones, Robotic sentinels guarding nukes, Automating paper production (the Philippines), mining (Australia), rice production (Japan), growth in service robots, pipe-fitting robots, variety of perspectives on job displacement, end of scarcity, robo-cars, robo legs, advances in walking robots, and rat-robot hybrid.

Sept 26, 2010: Drone Strikes Peaking?; Robotics and the recession; Service Robotics Galore: Restaurants, Porters, hairwashers, etc.; Could a robot do your job?; Longshore strike and automation, etc.

Sept 12, 2010: Drone strikes increase in Afghanistan and Pakistan; Drone flights increase over US/Mexico border; the new China: less low-wage, more automated; India GDP growth due in part to growth in automation; food production automation in England and Nebraska; robo-jazz and robo pool cleaner; hurricane drone; lying robots and feeling robots; and the telepresence and smart grid futures.
Aug 29, 2010: Software malfunction strays robo-drone; cheap disposable military robots in development; robotic book publisher; Growth in automation of food production in UK; hospital workers and DoT workers replaced with robots; library robot; tree planting robot ...
Aug 15, 2010: Robotics Industries Rallies in 2010, Equipment purchases not new hiring priority as firms recover, new layoffs due to automation, Robo-jouirnalists?, Special Ops Robocop in Belize, Robot to explore Great Pyramid, Robots to help children with autism, Robot discovers undersea river, Emotion chip?, Social robot, Power line robot, Underwater rescue robot and more...
Aug 1, 2010: New Stealth Drones (US &UK), Warehouse Automation, Sugar Automation in Kenya, Poll Automation in Nigeria, Structural Unemployment, Automating the Automation, Economic Recovery for Siemens, Rockwell, ABB, iRobot, and Honeywell, Robot Vans Travelling from Italy to China, Robotic Conscience, and Developing Autonomous Surgical Robots
July 18, 2010: New organization by topic including terror, military & policing, industry, job displacement, government, industry, agriculture, business of robotics and automation, research and new developments…

July 4, 2010: Robot lifeguards, automated spa, dealing with budget cuts through automation, robot spies, robotics virtual summit, upswing for robotics industry…

June 20, 2010: Automated hospital, Chinese wage increases push automation, Automation as an attack on union workers, Robotics industry growth in production and hiring, Automating state services, automation in the Turkish postal system, Drone Malfunctions, Robots in the gulf oil spill….

June 6, 2010: HP increasing automation cutting 9000 jobs, automation eases worker scarcity[?], debates around the coming structural employment crisis, Old: Soviet moon robot, New: Japanese moon robot base, driverless bus, automating China, and more

May 23, 2010: Teleprescence robots, Marketing automation, Robot marries couple, Automation industry growth, arguments for and against robots taking jobs, robot kindergarten teachers, US, European and Japanese space robots, more on X37B, ONION: Robot March on Washington, DARPA’s “Minority Report” Fantasies, DNA robot, and a FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD.
May 9, 2010: Automation Company first quarter reports (Rockwell automation profits booming, Swiss automation giant ABB on a global roll, Siemens earnings surge, Honeywell sales up, iRobot profit and salses up), Worker shortage in China?, Longshore workers and automation, More Green Jobs for Robots, World's Quickest Robot, Philippine Election Automation, Da Vinci Troubles, Moon Robots, and more...
April 25, 2010: Automation around the world: India, Angola, Japan, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Automation Census, Cocaine-hunting robot chopper, X-37B Robot Space Plane, 2 female androids, Important book: Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century, and more
April 11, 2010: First-ever National Robotics Week takes place April 10-18, Forbes recognizes that automation means job elimination, while automation industry says automation can help keep jobs, mind reading software, automation sales recovering.
March 28, 2010: Postal automation in England, Stimulus money for robots, Automation in China, Rio Tinto robot mining, automation and solar cells, NYC computerization: costly privatization and control of workers, robotic space shuttle, and Online grocer powered by automation.
March 14, 2010: Waitbots, Job Saving automation?, Future of Drones, Air Force's Flying Assassin, Replacing workers to save budget woes, mining robots, automated autopsies, robot first responders...

Feb 28, 2010: Power industry automation, Poll Automation in the Philippines, Underwater Robots, Ag Automation, Refining Automation, The Green Jobs Myth, Auto jobs in Chattanooga?--not likely, PETA promotes robot replacement for killer whales, Robots on tour with Bon Jovi, Videos of factory robots.

Feb 14, 2010: New RoboNaut also builds cars, Sea floor exploration, Roving WMD Detector, PackMuleBot, Robo Robin Hood?, Facebot, WSJ: Robots may cause 80% of job losses in the US, EU, Russia, China and Japan. WSJ: Lost Jobs Gone Forever
Jan 31, 2010: Service robots, Surgical Robot Profits, Welfare automation, Skyscraper window cleaning robots, robotics industry predictions, labor market predictions 2010, pentagon master plan, increases in equipment spending, and much more…
Jan 17, 2010: Roxxxy first of its kind sex robot, Oil automation, Robot Movies, Automation Panel Discussion in the Rustbelt, Rescue Robots in Haiti, and Military applications galore.

Dec. 27, 2009: Ford Testing Robot, Robot Teachers, Mail Automation in Bangladesh, WarBots, WaterBot, SexBot, Strawberry Inspection Robot, Drones Hacked

Dec 13, 2009: Border drones, Healthcare, New Investments in Automation, New Drones

Nov 29, 2009: Mini-focus on Michigan, Automation companies (Rockwell, ABB, Honeywell, Panasonic) automating hospitals, robotics and law, International (Japan, Afghanistan, South Africa, England, India), Robotic Fruit picker in New Zealand, Robotic Dentists?, Green Drones, Missle Spy Bots

Nov 15, 2009: IT workers fear the cloud (and other forms of labor-replacement), Robot Olympics, Third Quarter Productivity Soared but automation profits and orders down, Automating Oregon Farms, Gujarat Textiles and Toledo Garbage Collection, Ocean Robots, and of course plenty of new military applications...

Nov 1, 2009: Automation in Nigeria, Good Third Quarter for Automation Companies, Robot Soldiers, Robot Elk, impacts of automation on pilots, a push to automate air traffic control in India, fastest robot, smallest robot, green automation, and drones.

Oct 16, 2009: Shorter than usual, but lots on automating war. Also released this month is the new World Robotics 2009 Report. World Robotics 2009 Report. You can find the Executive Summary and press releases; one of there key lines: "The trends in the manufacturing industries can be summarized in one term: 'Green Automation'.”

Oct 4, 2009: This is a large issue and there are many important in-depth stories about the future of automation and the impacts on the global economy. These include “Beware, Humans. The Era of Automation Software Has Begun,” “The future of Bay Area employment,” “Understanding how new economy works is key,” “Rodney's Robot Revolution,” and “Robotics and the Big Trends.” And there is an article on poker robots...There are also two stories sent in by readers of the digest. Please send in anything of interest you may find.

Sept 20, 2009: Urban Hopper, Rockwell Automation provides high-tech irony by adding jobs, space, deep sea, sex, tax breaks for robotic purchases, robot statue, new drones, and more...

Sept 7, 2009—Special Labor(less) Day Edition: Replacing Healthcare workers, covoy soldiers, financial analysists; argument against automation replacing labor; Replacing elder care workers; Robot movies; Could a Robot Do Your Job?

Aug 25, 2009: Robocops, Robofish, Robodocs, Robococos, Roboevolution, Robohands, Robospiders, and Factory leaves China to Produce in Texas.

Aug 18, 2009: Chinese Pneumatic Components Automation, automating financial industry, Ag state fair FH hands-on robotics exhibit, harvesting robots, “bum bots” in Atlanta, Sex-bot prositutes, turmoil in robotics industry.

Aug 10, 2009: Important look at Robotics and Unemployment with nice graph on unemployment, robot orders down, and the introduction of cheap industrial robots.

Aug 2, 2009: Surveillance, war, and border patrol, impacts of recession, India, Resale of used robots, firefighter bots and pharmacist bots.

July 26, 2009: More on Automation and Greening the Economy, gov recognizing importance of automation, robots and war

July 19, 2009: Corpse Eating Robot Hoax, Recession and Automation, Green Jobs for Robots and "Save your factory" an answer to outsourcing

July 12, 2009: Automated Waiter, Teacher, Surgeon and Social Worker. Robot attacks co-worker. And impacts of recession and greening automation.