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Threats to Native Lands in Western North America

Buffalo Commons

Northwest fossil fuel ports

Natural Environment of the West
Great Lakes Treaty Lands and Reservations Caribbean interventions Indians at Contact
WI Reservations/Treaty Lands (interactive) Pacific interventions Indian Removal
Ojibwe (Anishinaabe) Nation Cold War Europe Indian Frontier
Ho-Chunk Removals Hispanic/Asian population,1986 Spanish America
Ho-Chunk Nation & Military Projects Latin America , 1990 Carolinas-Caribbean
Indian Mascots in WI Schools Middle East, 1990 Mexican War
Metallic Sulfide Mining in WI Khuzestan in Western Iran Shiloh (Civil War)
Proposed Crandon Mine in WI U.S. military bases (research) Southern plantation
Menominee traditional lands, treaty cessions, and reservation Google Maps military bases database (research) Eurasia ethnic regions
Western Washington Tribes Military bases map Nuclear Waste on Native lands

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