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updated 2 March 2015
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  • 2015 - Astronomy & Cosmologies
  • 2015 - Science Seminar
  • Earth Dynamics: Climate, People & History (2014-15)
  • Energy Systems & Climate Change (2014 ES&CC)
  • Undergraduate Research (summer 2015 SURF: Solar Evergreen)
  • NEWS: Atmospheric CO2 reached 400 ppm in 2013

    Students interested in doing Undergraduate Research with Zita should email her a quarter in advance. Subject header = Student research . Please include concise information about your background in math or science, sustainability or farming, etc. What other academic program(s) are you taking? Office hours are right after class - just click on this quarter's schedule above.

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  • Solar forecast news from NASA.
  • Astrology: What's your sign? The Real Zodiac, by Shapiro 1977 and Mosely 1999
  • Solar News
  • American Journal of Physics
  • Climate Change vow: powerful inaugural speech on a historic MLK day, Feb.2013
  • Will the world end on Dec.2012?
    Maya Demand an End to Doomsday Myth
  • Union of Concerned Scientists supports Climate Stewardship Act to fight global warming
  • UCS on Bush admin misusing science
  • Physics Today and Rapid Climate Change
  • PASP = Proceedings of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
  • What's New in Physics - an irreverent weekly newsletter
  • IDL by RSINC
  • Extreme Weather 2003
  • how to ftp to/from Evergreen
  • Expanding Your Horizons
  • Northwest Girls Collaboration
  • Union of Concerned Scientists answers your questions
  • Committees on the status of Women and Minorities in Astronomy
  • Committees on the status of Women and Minorities in Physics
  • Women in Physics - May 2002 - results of Paris meeting
  • American Physical Society recommends against the National Missle Defense system and opposes censorship
  • New solar telescope - ASTS - and interview with Aimee Norton
  • 2000 July:  Can light travel faster than light?
  • 2000 May 5 planetary alignment:  don't panic about tidal forces
  • Evergreen's Terrascope
  • Annie Jump Cannon award 1999 to Sally Oey
  • Maria Goeppert-Mayer award 1998 to Betsy Beise
  • Magnetic Helicity
  • Quantum Tour
  • COMET Tour
  • Hale Bopp is visible in Fall 1997
  • Fusion Tour
  • Maria's Truffles recipe
  • Pilobolus
  • Winds, from Earth Science (Conte et al.) and World Treasury of Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics (Ferris)
    Past online research notes  
  • 400 ppm: Global warming reports from Scientific American

    Color and Light workshop
    Global Carbon Budget 2014 report
    Fun Space Quizzes
    Space Weather - interview with SWPC director Tom Bogdan, now NCAR president
    Hurricanes are getting fiercer - Nature, Sept. 2008
    The Sun is a Cantaloupe: magnetic dips on the surface
    Focus the Nation: Climate Science and Energy Options
    TEDx at Evergreen on Climate Change 2012 and 2013

    Armstrong-Zita Ranch
    Grass-fed beef: analysis and cooking (CNN: pdf)
    Grass-fed cattle are healthier (Union of Concerned Scientists)
    Poultry Processing in Mason County
    Thurston County Agriculture Committee - homepage
    Sustainable South Sound
    Pew Consortium on Farming
    Evergreen's Clean Energy Initiative and Sustainability work
    Evergreen's Physics Club
    WAOL = Washington Online
    HyperPhysics web of connections and mini-tutorials
    Sidney Harris cartoon gallery, Simon Singh's math cartoons
    Helium breeze in 13th house of the Zodiac
    Heavy metals in herbal medicines
    Presidential candidates on science policies
    Scalar field/particles as dark matter?
    Earth's changing magnetic field
    Tesla: PBS pages
    Alternative Medicine
    AWSEM program for girls in science 
    American Institute of Physics - fun facts
    Sun-Earth Day 20 March 2002
    Earth at Night
    2002 spring planets
    Nobel prizes in 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001
    President's Science Budget and Blue Ribbon Panel
    Energy Research New
    APS Physics and Society Forum 
    Magnetic Field effects in Biology - Charles B. Grissom 
    UW science forum:  4 April 2001 Chris Stubbs on Gravity
    Mir falls to Earth 20 March 2001 


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